Armed with intense Electro, pulse-pounding Progressive House and speaker-shaking Drumstep, Super Square is taking control of dancefloors across the force! Originally started by DJ Ben Lavee, Super Square is a supergroup consisting of DJ Jimmy Hits, producer A_Rival and vocalist Helen Eugene. Their creative artistry and exceptional backgrounds allow them to produce their own music, write and perform their own lyrics, and choreograph their own live performances. They are beyond just producers or Djs: they are entertainers!


"Progressive house has longevity. Artist find surprisingly new, colorful ways to convey the genre - "This Atmosphere" shines, expressing how great progressive music can be."

"To put it bluntly, they are hot, talented and emanate rock star status. High energy electro and progressive house, fused with Earth shattering Drumstep is what first put the trio on our radar."
-The FrontLiner

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Keeping the dream alive.
We miss you Ben Lavee.